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The Light and Darkwave ESP Bundle - 2 Decks

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A special bundle of the two 'Wave' ESP Decks that let you divine a card’s colour, symbol, image AND word in just a GLANCE!

"Adam Cooper has succeeded where so many others have failed: he has created a practical and fooling extension to the standard ESP Deck." Mark Elsdon

“This is something every mentalist will want in their case!” Jamie Daws

THE BUNDLE - Two beautiful, complimentary, custom printed ESP Decks on robust resilient stock packed in a useful carry bag. And hidden away in plain site on the back of each card is a brilliantly camouflaged marking system.

Adam Cooper’s gorgeous ESP Decks feature four elements on the face of every card - a COLOUR, an ESP symbol, a WORD and an IMAGE.

The Darkwave features eerie, baroque images and words - leaning into the macabre and bizarre.

The Lightwave features brighter, more modern designs - aligning with mindfulness and positivity.

This limited edition BUNDLE provides both decks, allowing you to switch between styles, or even better, combine the decks together. (Both decks have the same back design, so they can be shuffled together. The LIGHTWAVE Deck back design even features an extra hidden mark that shows you instantly if the card is from the LIGHT or DARK deck. This means you can reveal FIVE things about a selected card, all from a single glance!).


The Darkwave Deck -
2 sets of 15 cards, one RED and one BLACK
6 Special Gaff Cards (A double backer, a blank facer and 4 double facers)

The Lightwave Deck -
2 sets of 15 cards, one GREEN and one PURPLE
6 Special Gaff Cards (A double backer, a blank facer and 4 double facers)

A hessian carry bag

An A7 colour printed instructional booklet

A massive 90min download video that will teach you everything you need to know to master this deck, including four killer routines to get you started


  • This is so much more than your usual ESP Deck - Each card features an ESP symbol, a word, an image & a colour - and you can reveal them all from a single glance at the hidden marking!
  • No sleight of hand required
  • Super easy to use marking system - invisible to them, crystal clear to you
  • No difficult memory work - everything you need is printed on the card case
  • Get more out of your ESP routines


"If James Bond used an ESP Deck, this would be the one!" Cameron Francis

"Wow, a refreshingly new and original take on the ESP Deck! This is an awesome bit of kit for any working or aspiring mentalist. The teaching is superb and the effects taught are brilliant. It’s mysterious, unique, fun & an all round high quality product. Recommended!" Steve Dela

"A knock out in the ESP genre! Like, mind-blowing outrageously good!" Straight Talk Magic Reviews

“One of the best things I’ve seen in YEARS!” Jordan Murphy

"This takes ESP Decks to another level." Real Magic Review

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