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Memo by Liam Montier - Video Download & Deck


"This is a great trick and it will open up your world to a new avenue of fooling." Straight Talk Magic Reviews

"This is self working and easy as pie to do but it remains a real fooler!" The Magic Portal Reviews

A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD & GAFF DECK - Liam Montier unleashes an astonishing new routine, apparently displaying your superhuman memory! Using a brilliant gaff deck that is surprisingly underground in magic circles, this powerful routine requires NO skill - yet looks mindblowing. The BBM exclusive download will be added to your library immediately, and your choice of the special deck in red or blue will be shipped out for you. (Or you can choice just to buy the download and pick up the 'special' deck elsewhere)!

Cards are removed from the pack, and by simply flicking through the cards, you can tell which ones are missing, over and over again!  Even when the cards are flicked so fast that they appear as just a blur!

For the show-stopping finish, as many spectators as you want remove cards.  You go through the deck, and then immediately reveal not only what cards have been removed, but also who has which card!!

No moves!

No memory work!

No marked cards!

No rough and smooth!

Self Working!