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Deck Ja Vu by John Carey


Deckja Vu is an ingenious, custom made gaffed Bicycle deck that will allow you to perform direct mind reading miracles. The supplied deck lets you easily force and locate three DIFFERENT selections!

The feature routine is an awesome, self working card miracle from John Carey built around the premise of Deja Vu and revisiting the past! Three selections are made in an incredibly fair manner and lost. But what if we could experience the past? No problem as each of your spectators do just that, miraculously finding their own cards! You read that right - let your spectators travel back in time and find THEIR OWN cards! This looks so clean and so fair!

Super easy to do, almost instant reset and comes complete with the sneaky special deck that does the work for you!

And as the deck let's you force and locate three different selections, it's a GREAT utility for all kinds of other routines!

Available in Red or Blue Bicycle stock.

Comes with a great bonus routine and additional ideas!