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Tom Dobrowolski eBook Mega Bundle

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This is a bundle of THREE eBooks from the brilliant Tom Dobrowolski at a VERY special discounted price. You'll get a HEAP of killer magic in this bundle. Tom has the knack for creating really fun magic, that isn't knucklebusting, but still packs a mighty wallop!

First, Find a Layman (2019)

Tom says: "First, Find a Layman are not only words of wisdom from a magic session with my friend Curtis Kam the “Wizard of Waikiki” but also the theme of my all new 2019 magic lecture notes. Each and every item in the lecture has been performed and refined before audiences world wide." 

“The DCD” by Tom Dobrowolski - A killer new easy to master card move/sleight Learn it here  before you get fooled by it. You will soon be hearing about it everywhere. Included in the notes are 2 really strong commercial routines that use it.

“Sammydextrous Travelers” by Curtis Kam - You offer to and succeed in performing a good trick. a better trick and a great trick using 2 jokers, 2 spectators, 2 selections and 2 pockets.

“8 Ballin” by Michael “Kekoa” Erickson - “Hey, do you remember the MAGIC 8 BALL?” is how this extremely commercial walk around routine begins where a selected card appears in then on your magic 8 ball card when the spectator shakes it. Includes an ingenious gimmicked card hand made by Kekoa. If you like the sound of this routine, you can order a card from Tom direct!

“’86 Mead on Tap” by David Kuraya - A terrific impromptu walk around routine where a kid uses a DYI magic wand made from a playing card to upstage the magician. Dang kids!

“Market Daze” by Patrick Flanagan - A funny and truly amazing stand up/stage routine you can and WILL use to close your shows. I can’t believe Patrick let me have this for the notes!

“Great Expectations” by Jeremiah Zuo - This is pure Jeremiah. Yes it is an amazing trick that uses just a few red and black cards where , well,  nothing happens. You have to see and experience this one.

“ My Favorite Opener” by Tom Dobrowolski - Pure Chicago style card magic. A lot of fun with 2 selected cards. It’s a kind of a transposition with a truly magical surprise ending. This will fool you.

“Were you watching?” by Tom Dobrowolski - You prove a spectator was in the dark corner of your room in the middle of the night watching when you chose a random playing. This one is as creepy as it is amazing. It’s based on a couple of John Bannon effects/ideas.


This Will Kill You (2018)

"This Will Kill You!" The Magic of James Patrick Ryan


Tom says: "For those who may not recognize his name, James Patrick Ryan, "The Darling of the Geritol Set", is a magic legend. To this day he is recognized throughout the world as one of the masters of close up magic.

For 20 years starting in 1933. Jim owned and performed at "The Magic Tap," one of Chicago's legendary magic bars. The bar was frequented by the likes of Paul Le Paul, Johnny Platt, Matt Schulein and Ed Marlo.

In 1967 while visiting and performing at world renowned "The Magic Castle" owner Bill Larsen tried to convince Jim to move out to L.A. and become their resident magician. Jim politely refused the offer so he could stay close to children and grandchildren in the Chicago area. In 1977 the exclusive by invitation only annual gathering of the world's finest close up magicians "Fecther's Finger Flicking Frolics" instituted a "Man of the Year" honoree. The first honoree that year was Jim Ryan. His favorite thing to do in addition to performing was to share and teach his magic with those truly interested. Jim was also a teacher, mentor and friend to some of the best close up performers in magic including Tom Mullica and Paul Gertner.

I became a student and friend of Jim's in the 1980's when he was in his 80's and I was in my 20's. Over the next 10 years I would spend time traveling with, listening to and learning from Jim. He was my teacher, my mentor and my dear friend.

These lecture notes include some of Jim Ryan's classic magic routines including "Ryan's Dunbury Delight", "The Twins", "Three Cards Across", Ryan/Leech Red Hot Mama, The Match Set (3 tricks with matches) Jim's Bill Tear as well as several of his favorite bar magic/impromptu items.

My goal with these notes is to introduce Jim and his magic to magicians who have not had the pleasure of knowing him, to share some of Jim's wonderful magic and to have a LOT of fun. That's what Jim and his magic was and always will be about. I know this would please him immensely and make him smile."


All Done By Coindness (2017)

All Done by Coindness eBook from Tom Dobrowolski and Friends - super easy and semi-automatic coin magic!!!

The tricks are all designed for maximum impact from the minimum difficulty, and most employ common gaffs (or homemade gimmicks) that you WILL BE INSTANTLY motivated to run out and get. Seriously, this eBook will inspire you to dive into the world of coin magic.


Inverted Matrix the Easy Way - Curtis Kam
This take on the matrix kickback was published in Curtis Kam's first book, All the World is a Stage. This routine fooled a number of the contributors to this volume the first time they saw it. And it is the easiest reverse matrix in the world.

Matrix 21 - Curtis Kam
Having left all of his fancy expensive silver coins, the magician elects to do some magic with his spare pocket change. Out of his purse he removes some small change. He proceeds to perform a matrix with these coins and four cards. In the end three of the coins vanish and reappear inside the purse.

Whole-Hearted Hopping - Tom Dobrowolski
I have been playing with this routine for some time now. It is an outgrowth of hop- ping halves, but plays up the "not working out for the magician gag" by incorporating some other effects. It has evolved from Carl Andrew's Short Hop.

Chocolate Coins - Jeff Prace
3 chocolate coins are dumped from an M&M's bag. One by one the coins vanish and reappear back inside the candy bag. In the end a real purse with three half dollars inside is dumped from the candy bag.

Soft Coins Redux - Tomas Blomberg
This is the coolest presentation for the Tenyo trick, Soft Coins ever.

George is on my Mind - Eric Rose
One of the easiest ways to lower the sleight of hand requirements for money magic is to turn to the realm of mentalism. In this effect the serial number of a dollar bill from the audience is mentally discovered. This routine was developed a decade ago when Eric was performing at tradeshows.

Impromptu Hornswoggled - Bill Wheeler
The magician claims to have invented a way to scam people by making them think you have more money than you do with a trick count. He demonstrates by showing four dollars and attempting to count them as eight. The count doesn't prove to be that deceptive until the magician proves it and gets a generous tip!

Make Believe - John Carey
John says-The beautiful coin effect, The Fading Coin by Tomoyuki Takahashi, first published in Genii magazine is one of those little gems that only pop up ever so often. Imagination games combined with magic always seem to register strongly with the public. The great Eugene Burger has featured his presentation of this piece in his work for many years. I loved it but wanted a stand up version and only needing one coin. The classic copper silver coin and a little swindle happily achieves my objective.

Mutual Exchange - John Carey
Simply put, this is another method for the classical copper silver coin transposition. But the good news is it's almost self working. If you can hold two coins at your fingertips, you can do this effect!

The Big Penny - Oliver Corpuz
One of my good friends has a two year old daughter named Ketzi. Whenever I see her she immediately asks to see my pocket change, at which point she will hand me a coin and ask me to "make it big!" A jumbo coin is a common ending for good reason. But you don't need to be a sleight of hand master to produce one. You could do something as simple as what I do for Ketzi every time I see her.

Breakout - Ryan Bliss
3 coins are cleanly and clearly placed in an Okito Box and the lid is placed covering the box. Ly Instantly the box is flipped over with one hand and the 3 coins are shown to have vanished out of the box. A split second later, a clink is heard in the other hand and when it is opened the 3 coins are now inside the other hand.

Wave Vanish - Ryan Bliss
Three coins are held at the fingertips. With a wave, one coin vanishes followed by the second and third coin leaving nothing in the hands. The coins can then be reproduced from another location such as a purse or an Okito box. I think what Ryan does here is as close as we will ever come to the appearance of sleight-less coin vanishes. The sequence is pretty, open, and practically a special effect in appearance.

3x3 Transposition - Jeremiah Zuo
Three coins (a half dollar, English penny, and Chinese coin) are laid in a line on the table and proceed to transpose with each other in a rapid series of transformations. If you care to know, the silver and Chinese switch places, then the copper and Chinese switch places, then the Chinese and silver, then the silver and the copper . . . you follow? Best of all it’s virtually self working!

Ultimate Progressive Coin Assembly - Jeremiah Zuo
A tiny bit of cow (a leather coin purse) is introduced. Three coins are dumped from it, which along with three ordinary playing cards will be used for a bit of magic. After a bit of magical pingpong (3x3 Transposition above) each of the coins is placed underneath a different card in a line on the table. The copper coin vanishes from underneath the first card and joins the silver. Both coins vanish from underneath the second card and join the Chinese coin. All three coins vanish from underneath the final card and reappear inside the coin purse.