Essential Learn Card Magic Boxset by Liam Montier

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"If you’re just starting out in card magic, I would be hard-pushed to suggest a better place to start. Unreservedly recommended!" BICYCLECARDS.CO.UK REVIEW

* 8 Jam packed Discs with a running time of over 16 hours.
* Master the technique’s to make you a card legend
* Also includes 56 incredible tricks to perform

This monster collection features detailed, clear instructions on all the sleight of hand techniques you’ll need to become a card ninja. With over 16 hours of material across 8 discs, this is a fun and engaging course that starts with 11 of the world’s greatest self-working card tricks and ends with you being fully equipped to amaze, astonish and decimate audiences. The moves are taught in clear concise detail by your host Liam Montier, giving you true insight into the best ways to tackle each sleight. Don’t just learn how to perform moves – learn the best ways to practise, how to pick the perfect variation in any situation and how to make your magic look smooth and effortless.

‘The Essential Card Magic Toolbox’ isn’t just a dry, encyclopaedic list of thousands of minutely different variations – your host, Liam Montier, has selected only the most useful and workable options. And every disc features world class magic routines for you to practise your newly mastering skills… so you’ll be out there wowing audiences as you learn. Step into ‘The Essential Card Magic Toolbox’ and prepare to learn sleight of hand skills that will last a lifetime!

Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks – start your journey with 11 of the world’s greatest self-working tricks. Amaze and impress with NO SLEIGHT OF HAND!

The False Shuffles & Cuts Project – learn 33 ways to shuffle, cut & mix the deck whilst all the time you control the order of the cards.

The Double Lift Project – prepare to master 14 kinds of double lift – the essential art of handling 2 or more cards so they appear to be a single.

The Forces Project – make you spectator take the card you WANT THEM TO. 24 bulletproof forcing techniques, ranging from the beautifully self working to essential moves like the ‘Classic Force’.

The Controls Project – learn 26 devastating and deceptive techniques to control a selected card, ranging from the simple to the sophisticated. These skills will leave you armed to covertly move playing cards to literally ANY position in the pack you desire.

The Elmsley Count Project – learn the RIGHT way to perform the Elmsley Count (a move that unlocks a treasure trove of incredible magic!!). Then dive into 14 further false counts and 8 of the most powerful magic tricks ever invented.

Ultimate Impromptu Magic – Now you are armed with all the essential sleights, let Cameron Francis guide you through 14 exceptional routines all of which can be done when someone hands you their deck and says ‘show us a trick’!

DISC #1 - ULTIMATE SELF WORKING CARD TRICKS Contact Colors (Aldo Colombini) Impossible (Mike Austin) Shuffling Lesson (Chad Long) Henry Sugar (Liam Montier) Pre-Prefiguration (Larry Jennings / Mark Elsdon) Your Aces Are Marked (Terry Lagerould) Shufflebored (Simon Aronson) The 7/16 Club (Alex Elmsley) Impossible (Larry Jennings) 4,5,6 (Al Thatcher) Unbelievable (By Shields, F. Michael And Bascom Jones, Jr)


FALSE SHUFFLES Overhand Shuffles Basic Overhand False Shuffles Blind Shuffle Ireland Shuffle Running Cut Shuffle Optical Shuffles Wiggle Woggle Shuffle Optical Shuffle Mike O’Dowd’s Slop Shuffle Stock Shuffles The Lift Shuffle The Jog Shuffle Swing Cut Shuffle Bottom Stock Shuffle Riffle Shuffles False Riffle Shuffles The Push Through The Triumph Shuffle General Shuffles Charlier False Shuffle Up The Ladder

FALSE CUTS Swing Cut Swivel Cut Charlier Cut Bobby Bernard Cut Jay Ose Cut Tarbell 3 Way Cut Royal Road Cut Erdnase Cut Frank Thompson Cut The Cut Owen Packard’s Crane Beak Cut John Bannon’s Flytrap Cut John Bannon’s Crocodile Cut Gary Ouellet Cut Lewis Jones Cut David Acer’s The Trinary Mini Sybil

THE TRICKS Think Of A Card (Paul Curry) Shock Treatment (John Bannon) Triumph (Dai Vernon) Weigh (Erdnase)


THE GET READIES Holding The Deck The Lift Up The Gary Ouelett Get Ready The Push Over Break The Lift Get Ready The Thumb Count The Pinkie Count

THE TURNOVERS The Expert Card Technique Turnover The Book Turnover The Upjogged Turnover The Spin Double The Larry Jenning’s Snap Double The Pages Of Time The Triple Delight Turnover The Crook The Pushoff The Floop The LePaul Flipover The Centre Double Lifts The Forceps The Bro Hamman Packet Double Lifts

THE TRICKS Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mama Fingerprint Trick (David Solomon) Two Card Transpo (Peter Duffie) Leapfrog (Dave Campbell) Double Swap Sandwich (George McBride) Double Swap (Alex Elmsley) The Mona Lisa Card Trick (Mike Skinner)


GETTING STARTED Riffle Force World’s Easiest Riffle Force Dribble Force Psychological Stop Force -Advice - Uniformity of Action Cross Cut Force Cross Cut Crimp Cut Force Cut Deeper Force -Advice - Confidence Jedi Force Clock Force Count Force Double Deal Force -Advice - Language Prophecy Move Touch Force Impossible Force 10 - 20 Force -Advice - Context Spread Force Swindle Force Hindu Shuffle Force Back Slip Force -Advice - Contingencies Lift Shuffle Force Bottom Slip Force Classic Force Topper Move

THE TRICKS The Triple Prediction (Maurice Fogel) Analogue Poker (Jack Tighe) Par Optic Vision (Ted Annemann) Decipher (Simon Aronson) Blendo (Liam Montier) Clock Trick (Liam Montier)


Introduction Holding A Break Double Undercut Double Undercut Variation Double Undercut To Table Dominique Duvivier Double Undercut Double Undercut Advice Other Double Undercut Ideas Overhand Shuffle Control The Injog Shuffle Natural Jog Control Delaying The Control Hindu Shuffle Control Swivel Cut Dribble Toss Control How to Practise The Tipover Control Ovette Master Move Ovette Master Move Misdirection Advice Casual vs Formal Pants Leg Reverse Simplicity Control Tilt Illusion Uniformity Of Action Spread Cull Control Convincing Control Flexible Switchout Illogical Double Lift Bluff Pass Fixing A Mistake Side Steal Side Steal To Bottom Multiple Shift Introduction Dai Vernon's Multiple Shift Carmen D'Amico's Multiple Shift

THE TRICKS Blind Lemon Aces (Jack Carpenter) Deep Thrust (Larry Jenning) Psychic Pickpocket (Liam Montier) The Powerful Queen (Rovi) WWBD (Liam Montier)


LEARNING THE ELMSLEY COUNT Start Position Count Of One Count Of Two Count Of Three & Four Recap Emphasising The Packet Hiding More Cards

VARIATIONS Opec Count Outjogged Elmsley Pinch Grip Snap Count Split Elmsley Twist Grip Underground Elmsley Vertical Elmsley

OTHER COUNTS Jordon Count Spirit Count Discrepancy City Display (Bannon) Siva Count Bullet Party Display (Bannon)


THE TRICKS The Four Card Trick (Alex Elmsley) Twisting The Aces (Dai Vernon) The Odd Man Out (Liam Montier) One Too Many (George McBride) Que Sera Sera (John Bannon) Jacks In The Box (David Solomon) Whisperstition (Liam Montier) Jazz Aces (Peter Kane)


Ace Thang Sly Cheese A.N. Other Thang Interchangeling Hofwich Zombieland Instinct Killer Trifecta Elevation Wilder Uppers The P***ing Contest Getting Even Selected Assembly


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