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Karnival Dead Eyes X Edition Playing Cards


VIDEO by Ric Edgell

The Bicycle Karnival Dead Eyes are one of the best selling Karnival decks we have ever released. They are now pretty hard to come by, and we thought it might be a cool idea to reinvent them for 2021... and so, ready yourselves for the Bicycle Karnival Dead Eye X Edition. In ice cold blue, these badboys are utterly sexy. The stunning artwork of bearded behemoth of design-deliciousness Sam Hayles is really accentuated by the new cerulean colour. We couldn't be more excited to get this deck in our hands. Somehow the DEAD EYES just seem like an appropriate design for the times we find ourselves in! HA! 


Inspired by gothic medical imagery and the world of serial killers, the deck features 56 beautiful pieces of artwork. Every single card has been painstakingly crafted by master designer Sam Hayles - from the blood splattered court cards to the aged and distressed jokers. The Karnival Dead Eyes are a beautiful yet macabre spectacle.

The entire deck has been designed - the faces of every card are in keeping with the theme and feel of the deck - in stunning full colour!

The value of each card is printed down it's left and right hand side (so it can be clearly read in a ribbon spread).

Each deck also contains - a beautifully realised card reveal on one of the jokers - (a Ten of Spades appears inside the skull), and two gaff cards - a blank facer and a double backer! Oh - and a hidden card reveal on the bottom of the card case (Two of Spades)!

You also get the world famous USPCC Air Flow Finish for superb handling and unparalleled durability.