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GENRE_Money Magic

  • £0.00

    Imagination Game by Jack Tighe - Free Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - This brilliant piece of mentalism (with a magic kicker) is a bone fide showstopper to have in your arsenal.  Your...

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  • £4.99

    Anytime Coin Prediction by Liam Montier - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - 'Anytime Coin Prediction' is a real worker.  With just a handful of coins, a marker pen and some business cards, ...

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  • £19.99

    No Cards, No Problem by John Carey

    8 reviews

    Got no cards on you? Wanna amaze some minds? No problem- Carey has you covered!!As much as we all love card magic, it’s always nice to have a vari...

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  • £4.99

    Sheep & Thieves - A Self Working Coin Trick - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Sheep & Thieves is a CLASSIC transposition magic trick. But it is also that rarest of commodities - a self wo...

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  • Evanesce by Eric Jones video DOWNLOAD

    Evanesce by Eric Jones video DOWNLOAD

    Master of Coin Eric Jones offers an amazing new IMPROMPTU coin vanish that is as insane as it is beautiful. Imagine causing a coin to vanish at the...

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  • £4.86

    The Himber Coin Vanish - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Let's learn an alternative to the French Drop! And, it's a GOODIE!!! The Himber Vanish, while a little more 'knac...

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  • The Bridge Change by Ryan Bliss - Video Download -

    The Bridge Change by Ryan Bliss - Video Download

    An incredible twist on a classic plot. The magician holds a coin on the palm of his hand. Without any visible cover, the coin changes into another ...

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  • Exchange Rate - Cameron Francis

    Exchange Rate by Cameron Francis - Video Download

    THIS IS THE DOWNLOAD VERSION (The DVD is Sold Out!) Cameron Francis' Exchange Rate gimmick allows you to make an eye popping change between a coin...

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  • £7.99

    Matrix Elements by Patricio Teran - Video Download

    5 Unbelievable Matrix Effects from the Master! After the success of the Chink-a-Chink Elements, Patricio brings us brand new Matrix effects. On th...

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  • £19.99

    COIN by Eric Chien - Video Download

    "By far the best retention ever created, a true work of art and mastery. This is how magic should look." Michael Afshin"Eric Chien's Coin to Cigar...

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  • Novo by Alan Rorrison -

    Novo by Alan Rorrison - Video Download

    Hello and welcome to Novo. This is the bill switch that Alan goes to when he wants to leave his spectators absolutely stunned. Novo lets you take ...

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  • Fraudulence - Daniel Bryan Download -

    Fraudulence - Daniel Bryan Download

    This is Fraudulence, a Sharpie through bill effect that's different than the classic pen through bill effect. You can hear the bill rip and vis...

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  • £22.99

    Skymember Presents Saplings by Yu Huihang - Video Download

    Saplings is a collection of ideas from Yu Huihang, a magician from Singapore. The coin magic you'll find here are classical coin magic plots, BUT,...

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  • £7.49

    Water Trap by Bro Gilbert Signed Coin In Matchbook - Video Download

    *** THIS IS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD VIDEO *** Bro Gilbert's unimaginably cool new approach to Doug Bennett's Signed-Coin-In-Matchbook plot. A genuine b...

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  • Exchange - Jordan Gomez Bill Change Instant Download

    Exchange - Jordan Gomez

    The most visual borrowed bill change. « The bill effect looks sick man! » - Calen Morelli. "OMG can't wait to play with it :-)" - Nestor Hato. « Am...

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