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Gimmick It Yourself by Ben Williams


INSTANT DOWNLOAD VIDEO - 5 Easy to make, cheap to construct and awesomely effective gimmicks you can make to create miracles for people and other beings.

So what is Gimmick It Yourself exactly?

5 DIY gimmicks that are all cheap to make, effective, reliable and easy to use. Trust me, these gimmicks have saved me a couple of times over the many years of performing. For example, Enveload was developed as an easy way to load sealed envelopes with borrowed items or signed cards, (basically anything that will fit in the envelope!) because I left my JOL wallet at home when I was working on a cruise ship for two weeks. SOS was a ring flight I have used that is completely secure, in fact it is secured on a Sharpie lid with Duct Tape. That's what SOS stands for, secured on Sharpie.

Well I could bore you more but below are all the gimmick descriptions and what they do.

Off Balance - A simple gimmick that is easy to use that will give you that extra element of ‘magic along the way’ whilst you perform. You can use this gimmick to impossibly suspend pens, borrowed glasses or sunglasses or even a fork on your extended fore finger. So simple and easy to use and all objects that can be suspended can be borrowed and examined immediately afterwards. The perfect trick when you are out for a drink with your friends this Summer.

SOS - Ring Flight is a classic effect, yet many people worry about using it in case something went wrong. This is a great alternative where you can be sure that the spectator’s ring is safe as the ring ends up secured to a clip of a Sharpie by Duct Tape! Thats right! Borrow a ring, completely vanish it (no palming you can show your hands completely empty), you turn around to show a Sharpie is poking out of your back pocket, when you remove it the spectator’s ring is impossibly secured to the clip of the Sharpie lid with Duct Tape!

Stash - This is a simple hold out for playing cards (or any other card for that matter). It is very simple to use, any card can loaded straight into this gimmick without fuss to be held out whilst your spectator shuffles the cards. Also use it to hold out gimmicked cards or small stacks of cards, for example you can hold out Aces whilst your spectator shuffles or the cards needed for Chicago Opener. I originally developed this to be used in conjunction with Daniel Madison’s Advocate this can help give you the clean hands you desire before producing the thought of card.

Shadow Envelope - This is a prediction envelope, pure and simple. A sealed envelope is held up to a light, it is clear that a single card or piece of paper of some sort is inside the envelope. Some sort of choice is made, whether a word is thought of or a card freely selected and signed, it matters not. When the envelope is opened, the contents are removed and shown to be the spectator’s signed card, or a business card with the word the spectator thought of written on it is removed. Once the item is removed the envelope is of course shown completely empty.​

Enveload - This is a gimmick you can make in a minute or two, for about 10p, that can act as an alternative to the very expensive wallets on the market that have an envelope load function. You can use it to load sealed envelopes with: signed cards, rings, necklaces, predictions, bank cards, basically anything that can fit in an envelope you can load, in an instant all without the need for a wallet that costs a fortune. The perfect gimmick to get you out of a sticky situation if you go to a gig like me... Sans Jerry... :(

In addition to all the gimmicks I teach several routines that are all easy and commercial, here is a list of what routines are taught on Gimmick It Yourself.

SOS Full Jazz Style Routine - A full routine for SOS where the ring vanishes and reappears a few times before ending up secured on the Sharpie.

Enveload Birthday Trick - A commercial signed card and banknote to envelope trick that has a kicker finish. Perfect for any occasion.

Shadow 'Any Word' Prediction - A super simple streamlined 'any word' prediction routine you can use with the Shadow Envelope.

Shadow Bluff - A bold (and practically un-gimmicked) 100% examinable way to make a Shadow Envelope.

Bonus Signed Card in Spectators Wallet - A Signed Card to Spectator's Wallet routine that is simple and easy.

Stash Super Simple 4 Ace Production - The most basic of basic 4 Ace productions.

Stash Your Card - A great card effect with fire and a surprise finish.

Stash 3 Attempts - A spectator's 3 Failed attempts to find their card actually turns out to be 3 perfect choices.