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GENRE_Gaff Cards

  • Download a FREE Anniversary Waltz Tutorial

    Anniversary Waltz - Free Video Download

    Doc Eason calls Anniversary Waltz "the strongest card trick known to man." This modern day classic has an emotional connection. The effect it creat...

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  • £19.23

    Sizzle - Packet Trick by John Bannon

    *** SOLD OUT SINCE 2014 - FINALLY BACK IN STOCK & AVAILABLE TO ORDER *** Welcome to John Bannon’s ‘Sizzle’ - an absolute tour-de-force of a p...

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  • Boris Wild Marked Deck Project - 2 DVD Set
    £14.99 £24.99

    Boris Wild Marked Deck Project - 2 Vol Set

    "The definitive work on the marked deck. This is a reputation maker!" Jim Canaday, The Magic Portal "Whether you use the Wild Marking System or ano...

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  • iCaan - Card At Any Number by James Went

    iCaan - Card At Any Number by James Went

    “A TOTAL fooler. Have the paramedics on standby every time you perform this!!!” John Carey “Damn! That fooled the @#*@ out of me! Nicely done!” Ca...

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  • Oddyliciou5 - The Mooloolaba Shuffle -

    Oddyliciou5 - The Mooloolaba Shuffle

    For every professional magician, economy is key.Taking that to the extreme, how about just having just one random odd backed card with a regular de...

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  • £11.38

    Kane by Marc Lavelle - Video Download

    "That spanked me a little. I thought I knew what was happening right until the end and then you fooled me." Alan Rorrison"I love this. It's funny,...

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