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Mirror Mirror eBook by Harrison Trusler

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Harrison Trusler has a knack for creating practical, commercial, engaging card magic. In 'Mirror Mirror', his first eBook for Bigblindmedia he unleashes FOUR beautiful routines that will have you reaching for your deck with a massive smile on your face. 

Can You Dig It Sucka
A Dangerous Hand For A Saint

plus The Dribble Undercut

Invisi-Fetch is a super visual card location, with a lot of latitude to have some fun with the performance. You make the top card of the deck invisible, then 'hand it' to your spectator. They then make a selection which is left lost in the centre of the pack. Now you invite your plucky volunteer to throw the invisible top card at the deck, which is then spread to reveal the previously invisible card face-up next to their selection!!!

Can You Dig It? Sucka! sees a selection made and left lost in the pack. You take the top card of the deck and offer to throw it right next to their card. But you FAIL! Whoops. Happily you can then reveal that the thrown in card is actually THEIR SELECTION!

Trifecta sees three spectators finding the mate's to their cards. Easy to do, lovely and involving for your participants and totally baffling.

A Dangerous Hand For A Saint has a spectator finding a perfect Blackjack hand and then you 'upping the ante' by finding a Royal Flush! BOOM!

Oh - and Harrison also teaches a bonus sleight - The Dribble Undercut. This (easy) utility move adds a lovely deceptive edge to your standard card control!