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Latest Additions

  • £19.32

    PSI-Roller by Michael Breggar

    Michael Breggar (the creator of best sellers ART ATTACK and BAD BIKES) strikes again with the baffling 'Psi-Roller'. You show a deck of cards, and...

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  • £13.80

    Dice Telepathy eBook by John Carey

    BRAND NEW from John Carey - a killer mentalism routine with dice! Here's what John had to say about it -  "I am delighted to announce the release o...

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  • £16.95

    Bicycle Reverse Svengali Deck Plus Geek Dice Set

    Perfectly made, cut and cornered by the USPCC playing card company.  A Reverse Svengali Deck is one where the duplicates are the long cards, and t...

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  • Sold out

    Bad Bikes by Michael Breggar

    Michael Breggar is back, after his blockbusting Art Attack, with a brand new and equally commercial routine! The spectator uses some 'state of th...

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  • £11.43

    Magic With Dice (World's Greatest Magic) - Video Download

    No one knows who invented dice though the oldest known dice were discovered as part of a 5000-year old backgammon set. Dice used as conjuring props...

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  • £19.32

    Dice, Dice Baby by John Carey

    "This is filled with such great material that you will not be disappointed. This is magic that can be performed close-up or strolling and well w...

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  • Psycho-Dice by Steve Cook and Kaymar Magic

    Psycho-Dice by Steve Cook and Kaymar Magic

    If you have seen Liam lecture in the last year or two, then you've probably seen him do this trick - it's been in his performing set since he was 1...

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