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Easy To Do

All of the magic that we stock that is EASY to perform. There will be some moves or routining, but it will be simple to do.
  • £24.99

    The Very Best of John Carey eBook

    *** INSTANT DOWNLOAD EBOOK - GET IT DELIVERED TO YOU RIGHT NOW *** *** Over 180 Routines and 12 Hours of video content (videos provided by QR codes...

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  • £4.37

    The Himber Coin Vanish - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Let's learn an alternative to the French Drop! And, it's a GOODIE!!! The Himber Vanish, while a little more 'knac...

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  • £19.45

    No Cards, No Problem by John Carey

    Got no cards on you? Wanna amaze some minds? No problem- Carey has you covered!!As much as we all love card magic, it’s always nice to have a vari...

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  • £4.99

    Anytime Coin Prediction by Liam Montier - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - 'Anytime Coin Prediction' is a real worker.  With just a handful of coins, a marker pen and some business cards, ...

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  • £0.00

    Imagination Game by Jack Tighe - Free Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - This brilliant piece of mentalism (with a magic kicker) is a bone fide showstopper to have in your arsenal.  Your...

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  • Sold out

    Fortune by Liam Montier

    You introduce 6 gorgeous 'fortune' envelopes, red and gold, and explain that they all contain fortunes, along the lines of fortune cookies.  You e...

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    Sold out
  • £7.49

    Water Trap by Bro Gilbert Signed Coin In Matchbook - Video Download

    *** THIS IS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD VIDEO *** Bro Gilbert's unimaginably cool new approach to Doug Bennett's Signed-Coin-In-Matchbook plot. A genuine b...

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  • All Done By Coindness by Tom Dobrowolski eBook

    All Done By Coindness by Tom Dobrowolski eBook

    *** INSTANT DOWNLOAD - GET THIS DELIVERED TO YOUR DEVICE IMMEDIATELY! *** All Done by Coindness eBook from Tom Dobrowolski and Friends - super easy...

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  • Fraudulence - Daniel Bryan Download -

    Fraudulence - Daniel Bryan Download

    This is Fraudulence, a Sharpie through bill effect that's different than the classic pen through bill effect. You can hear the bill rip and vis...

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  • Exchange Rate - Cameron Francis

    Exchange Rate by Cameron Francis - Video Download

    THIS IS THE DOWNLOAD VERSION (The DVD is Sold Out!) Cameron Francis' Exchange Rate gimmick allows you to make an eye popping change between a coin...

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