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Easy To Do

All of the magic that we stock that is EASY to perform. There will be some moves or routining, but it will be simple to do.
  • £13.99

    The Combination Shuffle by Ben Earl - Video Download

    Studio52 presents Trade Secrets - The Combination Shuffle by Benjamin EarlA stunningly deceptive False Overhand Shuffle. Even when you know what i...

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  • £8.75 £10.93

    The Biz Bundle - Simple Control Fan Change Airoh-Pop

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Three incredible new sleights in ONE KILLER BUNDLE! Grab this special bundle from our new favourite magician BIZ ...

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  • £4.37

    The Hunter Shuffle - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Learn an incredibly deceptive false shuffle that is easy to master, and extra fooling as it looks EXACTLY like a ...

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  • £14.58

    Master The Double Undercut - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD VIDEO - The Double Undercut is a ridiculously powerful move. Seriously. You may think you know it, BUT it can be used for...

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  • £7.29

    The Dribble Glimpse by Jack Tighe - Video Download

    "When I watched this video I was thrilled at this move and am going to put in the time needed to make it flawless and invisible.  I recommend this...

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  • £10.93

    Master The Stripper Deck - Video Download or Bundle

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD & GAFF DECK - This huge download will show you just how much is possible with this gaff deck. Nearly 2 hours of mater...

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  • £4.37

    The Four Card Trick by Alex Elmsley - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Alex Elmsley's 'Four Card Trick' was the first published source of his now famous 'Elmsley Count' (originally cal...

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  • £4.37

    The Snap Double by Larry Jennings - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD VIDEO - The Larry Jennings Snap Double is a very deceptive and easy to master double lift, using a unique 'get-ready' - n...

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  • £10.21

    The Mexican Turnover Reborn by Jafo - Video Download

    "The Siesta Control is so causal and fair that it's sure to fool anyone. It's been one of my favorite controls for the last few years. What Jafo i...

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  • £21.85

    Shin Lim Teaches Card Magic - Video Download

    "These are real world card tricks from my own personal repertoire." Shin Lim, World Champion Card MagicianWant to take your card magic to next lev...

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  • Essential Learn Card Magic Boxset by Liam Montier
    £43.76 £116.72

    Essential Learn Card Magic Boxset by Liam Montier

    "If you’re just starting out in card magic, I would be hard-pushed to suggest a better place to start. Unreservedly recommended!" BICYCLECARDS.CO.U...

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  • Thick Card Project by Liam Montier

    Thick Card Project by Liam Montier

    Thick Card – a double thick playing card used as a locator card, a peek device, an automatic double lift facilitator, a break-less control gaff and...

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  • The School Of Cool - Greg Wilson

    The School Of Cool - Greg Wilson (Instant Download)

    Gregory Wilsons THE SCHOOL OF COOL - 24 Mad Skills and Stunts to Make You Stand Out From the CrowdWorld renowned magician, pickpocket, trickster an...

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