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The Sheffield Slide by Toby Hudson - Video Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD -  Toby Hudson is a new signing to the BBM stable, and we couldn't be more excited to have him in the family. This genuine and creative mind has a modern and exciting take on card magic. And his first offering is a DOOZY! (DOOZY meaning - something outstanding or unique of its kind!)
The Sheffield Slide (based on a collaboration with the equally brilliant BRANDON ELLIS) is a very nifty sleight that fires a selection from the deck as you ribbon spread it on the table. It REALLY looks like the card spontaneously fires from the middle of the pack. The first time I saw it I genuinely laughed out loud. :)
Once you have learnt the devious secret, Toby will teach you how to fire multiple cards from the spread and then walk you through TWO killer routines that you can use your new weapon in. 
The move is not hard. It will take a little practise (of course), but it's more of a knack than a hard sleight. And Toby will teach you all the nuances and subtleties to pick it up FAST!
This is a really great move to have in your arsenal. It looks insane and it will make you giggle to yourself each time you perform it. 
What is The Sheffield Slide
How To Do It
The Second Handling
Multiple Pops
ROUTINES - Slippery Sandwich
                      Sloppy Slip
Final Thoughts
Running Time - 16min