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OTT by Lewis Le Val


"OTT is the single greatest utility technique that I have learnt this year!" Michael Murray

AN INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Lewis Le Val is going to teach you how to recreate ANY classic mentalism plot with just ONE, single move!

No gaffs. No difficulty. No stone left unturned.

The OTT move was recently shown to renowned, international mentalist Alexander Marsh. After trying the move for himself, his eyes widened like a child on Christmas day. Alexander said it was the EASIEST, and most DECEPTIVE switch he had ever seen.

But it's not a switch. It's a PSEUDO switch. And it's the SHARPEST weapon in Lewis Le Val's arsenal. (And it's about to become yours.)

At the beginning of this comprehensive video lecture you will learn the OTT move itself; it's SO easy and almost IMPOSSIBLE to get wrong. In fact, we are willing to bet you'll execute it successfully within the first 30 seconds of trying.

"An elegant and inspired move with incredible utility. It helps to simplify so many classic routines" Anthony Jacquin

"Such a natural and versatile move. Even when done slowly you’ll fool yourself with it" Christian Grace

"An easy and elegant technique. You’ll master it in seconds but use it for a lifetime. Bravo!" Alexander Marsh

RUNNING TIME - 1hr 31min