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James Went Meditations - 2 Vol Set


An incredible collection of closeup card routines, smooth sleight of hand techniques and interviews direct from the mind of the UK’s James Went.

James Went is best known as one of the star’s of the Bafta award winning BBC TV magic show ‘Help, My Supply Teacher Is Magic’. Over three seasons, and 39 episodes of the smash hit show, James demonstrat-ed his relaxed, personable and engaging performance style. He is also a sought after consultant, having worked on the Discovery Channel show ‘Breaking Magic’ with Wayne Houchin, BBC3’s ‘Killer Magic’, and numerous major national theatre productions.

‘Meditations’, his first major release, extends to over THREE hours of material, and features ten of James’ absolute favourite card routines, indepth tutorials on twelve indispensable sleight of hand techniques and fascinating interview’s.

Learn just why so many professional magicians rate James so highly. Add his beautiful card work to your own repertoire and get a true insight into what it’s like to work in TV magic in the modern era!

“From the first moment I met James I was blown away by his thinking & creativity. His card magic is excel-lent and you should therefore, buy this!” Andy Nyman
“A clever and great card magician.” Anthony Owen
“One of the UK’S best kept secrets is not going to be a secret anymore!” Dave Forrest
“Having witnessed these routines first hand I know just how powerful and practical this material is. Incredible thinking, and I for one can’t wait to learn more!” Michael Murray
“I LOVE James' magic! It is elegant, engaging and incredibly fooling. James makes knuckle busting sleights look effortless and effortless self-workers look like miracles." Roddy McGhie
“Killer magic by a true professional.” Andi Gladwin

Roy’s Sandwich
For Krenzel
Conditional Triumph
SandIwich Thing

4 of A Kind Production I
4 of A Kind Production II
T.I.T Peek
T.I.T.T.I.E.S Peek
Top Card Production
Jack’s Ginger Snap


Poker Con
Selected Daley
Broken Triumph

Spread Peek
Relaxed Pass
Thoughts On Controls I
Thoughts On Controls II
Spread Pass
Spread Half Pass



"I enjoyed watching these DVD’s very much and it was easy to give this project an almost perfect rating." Straight Talk Magic Reviews