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Attract by Biz - Video Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - 'Attract' is Biz's take on Larry Jenning’s ‘The Searchers’ plot (latterly popularised by Aaron Fisher's ‘Search and Destroy’), where two playing cards slowly sandwich a selection.

3 Methods. 3 Stories. Each one building on the previous.

At the core of it all lies one simple control which will allow you to perform 'Attract' and many other things after this. If you know how to do a "Swing Cut", then learning 'Attract' will be automatic.

Fast and Furious: The fastest sandwich you'll ever see. A card is selected and lost in the  pack. Two cards are then placed face up in different parts of the deck and shuffled in. A quick magical move and you can instantly reveal the selection is now in between the two face up cards.

Disappear and Attract: The two face up cards vanish from the deck before appearing face up in the centre with the selection between them.

Seek and Attract: An effect with multiple phases which culminates in a four of a kind sandwiching the spectator's selection.