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Mana by Lewis Le Val & The 1914



Mana is dangerously close to being the perfect close up mentalism demonstration. All it uses is four business cards (which can be borrowed) and a pen! It's impromptu, massively powerful and easy to do!! You wanna rock brains like Derren Brown - THIS is the trick to have at the ready!

Here's what happens:

Without showing anybody else, your participant is invited to write the name of a loved one on the face of a blank business card. This target card is mixed face down on the table with three identical decoy cards. Nobody knows the position of the target card, yet, after careful consideration, you are able to successfully eliminate two of the decoys.

You then proceed to empower your participant to do the same; using their intuition alone, your participant is able to SENSE the remaining decoy card WITHOUT relying on any precarious psychological forces or questionable wordplay.

It really is THAT clean. But it gets better...

Having now deduced the target card, your participant places it face down between their hands. Looking them directly in the eyes, you are able to impossibly REVEAL the name of the person they've been thinking of the entire time!

Remember - It requires minimal props, it empowers your participant and everything in play can be borrowed!


Alternative Handling
Handling Tips
Presentation Tips

RUNNING TIME - 51mins. Plus bonus eBook



"LOVE IT.. so simple but SOOOO GOOD." David Thompson

"I love how little there is to do and how much impact you create. Fantastic routine." Jonathan Pritchard

"For those familar with Lewis's work, you may recognise this routine, however, this isn't just some quickly rehashed renamed release for release's sake. This is a much deeper dive on a fantastic concept that Lewis has touched on before. Although Lewis goes in depth on handling his presentation(s), there is so much space for creativity and scripting that anyone can make this their own and there really isn't a character that couldn't use this. Another great release from The 1914." Bran Crow

"I'm already a huge fan of LLV (e.g., check out his outrageously good Revelations, which I keep re-watching for new ideas). Once again, LLV came through: this is a simple and stunning effect. Also, he throws in several useful tips for mentalism in general. This is a no-brainer purchase. I'm also becoming a big fan of the production and teaching value manifested by 1914 videos." David Palmiter

"5 stars based on the much-appreciated fact that a guy with ten thumbs (me) can actually handle the moves with ease! This effect is presented and explained very effectively by Mr. Le Val. For quite some time, I looked at "propless" (or almost propless) mentalism with a jaundiced eye. Effects such as Mana and Banacek's version of Mental Epic have caused me to modify my distrust and to reach for the blank cards as a legitimate and effective approach to mentalism. Thanks for the opportunity to learn." Mark Bruner

 "I already loved the original and this updated version is even better. I'm set up for this in my wallet at all times." Matthew Overd