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Boris Wild Sensations - 2 Vol Set


Learn the secrets of the brilliant French magician that FOOLED Penn & Teller!!!

"If you are at all serious about card magic, this needs to be on your shelf." Jim Canaday, The Magic Portal

"Sensations is very good and delivers some great magic." Danny Selnick, Linking Ring Magazine

"Don’t hesitate to pick these up if you like strong, creative card magic." Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine

You like magic when it is simple, direct and effective? You like to be fooled by impossible effects that leave a strong impact on the audience? You like routines that make your spectators feel a magical emotion? Then Boris Wild's SENSATIONS is made for you!

SENSATIONS will allow you to perform incredibly clean predictions and coincidences that are absolutely impossible. You will even be able to find a chosen card whilst blindfolded and to influence a spectator so he always selects the cards you want.

Discover Boris Wild's best routines from his critically-acclaimed lecture SENSATIONS on this unique 2-disc set (which features over THREE hours of material).

• 10 MAX - A new take on the classic « Ten-Card Poker Deal » based on a Paul Gordon principle. A routine involving money that will fool even the most demanding spectators, (as well as other magicians)! The best part is you can adapt the routine with all different themes: mentalism, divination, poetic effect and even tricks for children...
• Blind - 5 Senses Version - A «tour de force» where the magician performs a card effect while being blindfolded from the beginning to the end! Finally, after using his five senses, the magician finds the card folded in his mouth in the most impossible way.
• Blind - Borrowed Deck Version - It is basically the «Blind» effect but even stronger because it is performed with a borrowed deck and it ends up with a spectacular revelation, still blindfolded! An effect that fooled many experts at the FFFF Convention.
• Show-Off - Starting from the original concept of the ambitious card where “a chosen card stands out among the others“, Boris has devised a new generation ambitious card routine in which a chosen card does not jump to the top but continuously turns over inside the deck. Each time in a more impossible and visual way until a totally unexpected ending!
• iPOP - This is the impromptu handling with a borrowed deck of one of Boris Wild’s pet routines: POP (Perfect Open Prediction). You can now perform it anywhere at any time. After making your open prediction, the spectator deals the cards face up, one by one, and stops whenever she wants. She places the next card face down and keeps dealing the remaining cards face up until the very last one. The deck is spread: the card that the spectator reversed is your prediction!
• Symbiosis - An incredible effect combining prediction and coincidence with two borrowed decks. The perfect routine for the finale of your parlour show or a wedding gig.
• PURACAAN - Winner of 'TRICK OF THE YEAR' at TRICS 2017 - An extremely pure ACAAN effect designed for close-up conditions with a regular deck that can be borrowed and shuffled by the spectator. Any card and any number can be named. A version that will fool and amaze even the most knowledgeable spectators.

Running Time 3hrs 8mins - Includes Winner of 'TRICK OF THE YEAR' at TRICS 2017 – ‘PURACAAN'


"Top-quality stuff! Great production, too. Excellent work by Boris, Liam and Co. Highly recommended." Paul Gordon

"If you appreciate strong, direct card magic then you can’t afford to miss this one." Bicycle Cards Reviews