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Every week on Friday we send out an email called "The Big Blind Friday" which contains magic news, hidden gems and all sorts of interesting things for playing card lovers.

With the occasion of reaching 50 episodes, Biz has put together a short "Thank You!" Lecture Notes which contain 8 sleights from his every day personal repertoire.

Every sleight is explained in concise detail and presented to you in byte-sized matter, together with a QR code to help you learn the move faster.

If you're looking to amp up your arsenal of moves with a new palm, pop or change, Biz has you covered.

TEKKY PALM: Learn how to palm a card in Tenkai from a table spread. It's much easier than you think!

NO EFFORT PALM: Just as the title says, Biz shows you a method for invisibly palming a card from a table spread. Your spectator will never even notice.

BENZIAS ON STEROIDS: If you know the classic method and would like to be able to execute something with a bit more OUMPF! then this method of popping a card out of the deck will satisfy your needs.

BLUFF POP: Make a card appear to jump out of the middle of deck (when in reality it's coming from the top!). Really deceiving and easy to pull off.

THE PERFECT PALM: Biz's favourite palm, this one will take time to master, but it's all well worth it. Learn how to steal the second card from the deck in an invisible manner (100% invisible!). Never released before.

MIDDLE FAN PALM: Want to be able to palm a card from the middle of a fan while closing it? Never even thought of doing such a thing? Well, what will you do if the situation arises? Biz has thought of a solution for such a situation and he'll show you how you can Tenkai palm a card from the center of a fan without anyone noticing.

SNAPPINI CHANGE: A variation of the Cardini Change whereas you snap your fingers over the deck and the card changes. The change can be repeated several times, but the more you do it the bigger the risk of everyone seeing where all the cards went.

ZBRUSH CHANGE: A variation of the Paintbrush Change that is much easier and just as visual.