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First, Find a Layman eBook by Tom Dobrowolski



Tom says: "First, Find a Layman are not only words of wisdom from a magic session with my friend Curtis Kam the “Wizard of Waikiki” but also the theme of my all new 2019 magic lecture notes. Each and every item in the lecture has been performed and refined before audiences world wide." 

“The DCD” by Tom Dobrowolski - A killer new easy to master card move/sleight Learn it here  before you get fooled by it. You will soon be hearing about it everywhere. Included in the notes are 2 really strong commercial routines that use it.

“Sammydextrous Travelers” by Curtis Kam - You offer to and succeed in performing a good trick. a better trick and a great trick using 2 jokers, 2 spectators, 2 selections and 2 pockets.

“8 Ballin” by Michael “Kekoa” Erickson - “Hey, do you remember the MAGIC 8 BALL?” is how this extremely commercial walk around routine begins where a selected card appears in then on your magic 8 ball card when the spectator shakes it. Includes an ingenious gimmicked card hand made by Kekoa. If you like the sound of this routine, you can order a card from Tom direct!

“’86 Mead on Tap” by David Kuraya - A terrific impromptu walk around routine where a kid uses a DYI magic wand made from a playing card to upstage the magician. Dang kids!

“Market Daze” by Patrick Flanagan - A funny and truly amazing stand up/stage routine you can and WILL use to close your shows. I can’t believe Patrick let me have this for the notes!

“Great Expectations” by Jeremiah Zuo - This is pure Jeremiah. Yes it is an amazing trick that uses just a few red and black cards where , well,  nothing happens. You have to see and experience this one.

“ My Favorite Opener” by Tom Dobrowolski - Pure Chicago style card magic. A lot of fun with 2 selected cards. It’s a kind of a transposition with a truly magical surprise ending. This will fool you.

“Were you watching?” by Tom Dobrowolski - You prove a spectator was in the dark corner of your room in the middle of the night watching when you chose a random playing. This one is as creepy as it is amazing. It’s based on a couple of John Bannon effects/ideas.