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Tarnation by Simon Aronson - Free Video Download


"A virtually self-working 3 beat miracle by the devious Simon Aronson, as interpreted and explained by his equally devious friend, John Bannon. Expletives deleted to protect the innocent!" Richard Hatch

Simon Aronson was some magician. He was a prolific creator, a wonderful mindreader (his act alongside wife Ginny was a marvel) and a longtime member of the fabled Chicago Session alongside John Bannon and David Solomon. When he passed in 2019 magic lost one of the greats.

On Saturday 18th September a memorial for Simon took place at the Magifest Convention in Ohio. It was a chance for friends, fans and family to remember him and celebrate his contributions to magic. As part of the event John Bannon presented a trick of Simon's called 'Tarnation'. It was something that Simon had been working on and never got to finish. John filled in the missing pieces and completed the routine and taught it to those at the event.

And he wanted to pass it on to you too!

You can download, watch, enjoy AND learn this typically brilliant bit of Aronson chicanery for free courtesy of John Bannon and Bigblindmedia.

"This novel presentation is a phenomenon, wrapped in an astonishment and then rolled into ultimate bewilderment—a real brain-gasm!" Jon Racherbaumer

"You may call it ‘Tarnation;’ your audience will use stronger language when they realize how badly they’ve been fooled at every step." Steve Friedberg

"Simon was one of magic’s Great Minds, and “Tarnation” reminds me of the kind of trick you’d discover in the back of an old magic book, tell no one about, and perform for the rest of your life." David Regal

"Tarnation is a really fun fooling effect to perform. John handles Simon's trick expertly." David Solomon

"I consider John Bannon one of today’s greatest creative minds in magic. The thoughtfulness of the structure of all his effects is something to behold.” Howard Hamburg