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Impromptu Missing Link by Stephen Tucker - Video Download


A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD VIDEO - An easy, impromptu linking card routine that can be performed with ANY deck!

You grab three playing cards, fold them in half and then tear their centre's out, creating a trio of cardboard 'rings'. Holding the 'rings' at you fingertips, you shock your audience by slowly melting the front card through the other two and showing it clearly and impossibly linked through the ring.

The only way to separate these linked rings is to tear one of the cards... so you do. 

But as an even more impossible climax the torn card is then shown to be restored and you have three 'intact' rings to hand out for examination! 

  • Totally impromptu
  • Can be performed with borrowed cards
  • Easy to do
  • Cards can be handed out for examination at the end