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Fire When Ready by John Bannon


"10/10 - My suggestion is that if it has the name Bannon on it, shoot first and ask questions later. What that means is, this is a great buy – what are you waiting for?" Straight Talk Magic Reviews

"Bannon's output of brilliant and technically accessible card magic continues with Fire When Ready. I've never met a card student yet who had a quibble with the value for the dollar of any Bannon project. As far as I am concerned, he's still batting a thousand!" Genii Magazine

"I loved every second of this dvd. The explanations and discussions are crystal clear and the product has my very highest recommendation!!" John Carey

"As a reviewer, I get a lot of DVD's and cannot possibly keep them all (and stay married!), but I have kept every one of John DVD's that I have been sent. Any one would give you more than enough for a full performance but if you accumulate more than one, you can become deadly." The Magic Portal

"I’ll be coming back to this DVD to work several of these into my impromptu set. Highly recommended." BICYCLE-CARDS.CO.UK

After the best selling smash hit releases ‘Bullets After Dark’ and ‘Bullet Party’, John Bannon is finally ready to close out his ‘Bullet’ trilogy. The third and final entry is ‘Fire When Ready’, a veritable feast of card magic delights. Fuelled by Bannon’s inimitable style of easy-to-achieve, yet staggeringly powerful card magic, this is a project you NEED!

Over an immense 120 minute running time, Fire When Ready will arm you with some of the strongest card magic imaginable. From Bannon’s go-to opener for more than a decade ‘Line Of Sight’ to the impossibly clean think of card ‘Proxy Shock’. The ten featured routines are audaciously constructed and require only the most basic sleight of hand, yet, they are tricks that are destined to be in your arsenal for EVER!

Proxy Shock - They think of a card. The deck is shuffled. It looks like you miss… then BOOM! They realise they were just being set up for the sucker punch.

Rock The ‘Voque - A spectator reads your mind, bit by bit, nailing the card you thought of… and you can prove it!

Mundo - All the impact of ‘Out of This World’, but in a small packet, and with a twist that will fool EVERYONE!

Cut & Run - Produce the Four Aces from a deck repeatedly shuffled and cut… by your SPECTATOR! This is a killer utility!

Hybrid Holdout - Your participant shuffles and cuts. Top stock: Controlled?!?

Stealth Aces - A classic Ace Assembly, that combines easy handling with a devious construction!

Big Fat Bluff Aces - John’s hidden gem. This assembly is a showpiece, and features several astonishing kickers, and will leave EVERYONE reeling - laymen and magicians alike!

Blues Alley Jokers - Truly shocking appearance of Jokers sandwiching a selected card.

Clean Out Of Sight - Vernon’s classic gets the Bannon treatment - a spectator shuffles and thinks of a card, without you touching a thing. Then, following the spectators intuition, you zero in on a card they’ve genuinely thought of, and never named. BOOM!

Question Zero - A borrowed, shuffled deck. A thought of card. Zero questions, maximum bang for minimal buck!

Line Of Sight - What does John open his card sets with? Line of sight. And you will see why! John teaches all the tips that make this shocking moment of mental card magic work, with the pack in the spectators hands.


"“Fire when ready is the latest in the fabulous BBM DVD releases of one of my heroes, John Bannon. It truly is a no brainer when John releases his work. Beautifully constructed and streamlined handlings, where you get so much effect from very little technical work. Let’s take a peek...

Proxy shock is a super fair think a card piece with a super strong finish where you rectify an apparent mistake. The switch used is dynamite and has myriad applications

Rock the Voque is genius in construction. Make your spectator the star where they read your mind in stages. Love it!

Mundo is a fantastic small packet out of this world that I predict loads of magi will be using. Lean and mean!

Cut a run is an exquisite 4 ace production that is pure Bannon.

Stealth Aces- I'm truly honored that John wished to include my routine on this dvd!

Big Fat Bluff Aces is the best reverse/kickback assembly I’ve ever seen. Devious!

Blues Alley Jokers is a very tight sandwich effect that creeps up on you. They won’t see it coming...

Clean Out of Sight is another example of John’s less equals more approach to card work. His take on a classic Vernon effect will delight you.

Question Zero is an extremely direct location of a thought of card.

Line of Sight is pure presentation! Just awesome and a real crowd pleaser.

I could say so much more but I loved every second of this dvd. The explanations and discussions are crystal clear and the product has my very highest recommendation!!" JOHN CAREY