Paint It Blank by John Bannon


"Bannon has done it again! Paint it Blank is a super strong and miraculous appearance of a genuinely thought of card. Devious as hell in construction, working magicians are going to love this!!!" John Carey

A self working 'THINK of ANY card' trick. Comes with special Bicycle Gaff Card. Like an Invisible Deck - but with just ONE SPECIAL GAFF that works with any regular, shuffled Bicycle Deck!

John Bannon's 'PAINT IT BLACK' is one of the most powerful (and EASY) tricks you could imagine. You tell your spectator to clear their mind; to make it a blank. They then THINK of ANY card. No forces, restrictions, equivoque, preshow or genuine mindreading required - they literally just think of a card.

You tell your plucky volunteer that the card they merely thought of is now invisible. Despite their (perhaps well placed) scepticism you confidently remove their 'invisible card' from the deck and slide it between two face up jokers. In a flash a REAL blank card appears in-between the jokers. (It's like their 'blank' mind a few moments ago)!
Then you hand them this blank card and it has inexplicably turned into their thought of card. Cue mayhem and shocked/stunned/sweary reactions.

Then, while in the SPECTATORS HANDS, the blank card PRINTS itself, and is now the card they just THOUGHT OF! AND IT’S EXAMINABLE! (Oh, and you are reset, and left with a regular deck!)

Super easy to do - requires no sleight of hand!
Uses a regular, shuffled Bicycle deck and just one special (provided) gaff card.
Perfect for performers - no reset & no table required

No stacks
No forces
No sleights
No gaff deck
No equivoque
No 'off by one'

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