Linking Rings by Paul Zenon


"A touching, deeply authentic, beautifully-made magic cabinet of theatre-story. Outstanding and unmissable." Fringe Review

"I found the performance and script to be engrossing and have a very easy time giving this performance a high endorsement." Straight Talk Magic

"Great delivery, great story line that is told in a very honest way by Paul. On a magical level I absolutely loved the theatrics and storyline of this, and on a theatre going level it is something I would definitely recommend non-magicians go see." Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

A self-penned, semi-autobiographical theatre piece marking a distinct change of direction for Paul Zenon, award-winning magician, comedian and actor who, in a career spanning four decades, has performed in around forty countries and made literally hundreds of network TV appearances. By far his most personal work to date.

About the show - 'Houdini's right-hand man deals with the death of his boss. A half century later, a Blackpool joke shop proprietor takes on a wide-eyed young protege. An affectionate look at a misspent youth and unsung heroes. Not a magic show, but magical nonetheless.'

Running Time 1 Hr 7 Min


"Anyone expecting a magic show.... it isn’t, but what it is is a truly wonderful journey through memories. Well written and delivered, touching, moving and a wonderful watch." Rob Harper *****

"A wonderful, wonderful thing. I saw it live, and was deeply moved, and highly entertained. On the back of this, I bought the DVD; I wasn't disappointed. Absolutely wonderful, and works on a variety of levels." Drew McAdam *****

"An emotive and passionate piece of theatre. I loved every second of this." Derek Heron *****

"It's a great dvd - even better if you go and see it live as well." Lyall Coull *****

"Amazing show, I was really moved by your performance in Blackpool Paul!" Karl Scott *****

"A unique and very entertaining DVD, a compelling snapshot into Paul Zenon’s early life and that of a man who has fascinated him for many years. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect this to be so moving. Magic? Not really. Magical? Absolutely!" Alan Holloway *****


"Heartfelt and strikingly genuine… there's a warmth and charisma to Zenon's storytelling that just can't be faked." The Stage

"A contemporary master of his art." The Times

"Zenon's deceptive self-deprecation belies the precision and the sharpness of his warm wit ... seeing will be believing." The Guardian

"A contemporary master of his art." The Times

"A love letter to a Blackpool magic shop… for magicians it is a veritable treat." Magic Week

"A beautifully crafted piece. Blunt and charming… amusing and touching." Evening Standard

"There’s a rawness in his delivery, a heartfelt emotion." Edinburgh Evening News

"Zenon's affable nature shines through this honest and charming show. Artful storytelling… impressive deftness… so compelling." Broadway Baby

***** Edinburgh Evening News

***** The List

**** Glasgow Herald

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