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Fingers Of Fury Vol 1 - Alan Rorrison


Watch as Alan breaks and then restores a borrowed key! Slices a chosen card deep into his arm! Causes a marked coin to penetrate into his cell phone! Repeatedly pushes a coin through an ordinary shot glass! Moves the head of stickman drawn on his business card! All this and more awaits you on this fantastic download. Climb aboard and buckle up as we delve deep into the mind of one magic's hottest new names in FINGERS OF FURY Vol.1 - WEAPONS OF CHOICE!

Deep Impression - A selected card slices into your arm like a knife into butter. Owwww!
3 Shot Slammer - A 3 phase coin through glass routine (and the third phase is a DOOZY!)
Broken Home -Borrow a bunch of keys and then BREAK (and restore!) one of the keys!
Evolution - Watch as the head of a stickman drawn on your business card impossibly moves across the paper.
Hells Bend - You bet your hapless spectator that you can bend a coin by blowing on it. And that's just what you do!
Lightless Lights - After showing your hands clearly empty you proceed to pluck flickering lights from the ether.
Relentless - A spectator's coin visibly penetrates the screen of your mobile phone.


"This is simply f*cking fantastic" - Sean Fields, Pro Magician and inventor "Simple and visual magic at it's best, don't miss this one!" - Erik Jansson "Reminds me of Sankey and that's a selling point in its self!" - Andrew Stewart "I really like this. A new fresh approach to the T&R card plot. Good Job!" - Peter Eggink " A real mind-twister with the perfect walk-around souvenir. Right up there with Walton's Card Warp, but this one's in reverse! Genius" - Matt Quigley "A torn and restored with a twist, leaving an impossible souvenir for your audience. This is sick I LOVE it! " - Nash Fung (creator of Color Fusion)! "This is fast becoming one of my favourite effects, I am doing this every day! KILLER!" - Jared Millican "F**king hell, that's clean!" - Erik Jansson, Sweden