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What happened on the Cameron Francis shoot to make us all nearly throw up?

What happened on the Cameron Francis shoot to make us all nearly throw up?

We have been working with the incredible Cameron Francis for over 12 years now… and every time we get together it is pretty difficult to get any work done, as we just muck about and play like a bunch of children. I don’t think I can take all the blame, as Cameron is just such a funny and entertaining guy to be around. He really is one of my most favourite human beings.

He’s also a magic creating dynamo - with such a great eye for what makes a trick GOOD. Perhaps because he is an actor by trade, there is always a fun hook to the ‘narrative’ of every routine. (Something that I think gets lost for a lot of creators).

Well, we just had Cameron hanging with us for a week long stint. We filmed two projects with him, and you are in for such a treat when you see ‘em! One is a collection of all sleight-free card shenanigans… the other is like a ‘top 10, greatest hits’ collection of the tricks that Cameron has found to be his absolute favourite creations.

The latter, called ‘Super Mega Card Miracles’ will be out in June, and is just so, so, SO good! I was grinning from ear to ear after every take we did in the studio. Seriously - you are going to love this one. Every trick on it is a keeper.

And that brings me to the main point of this blog post… we asked Cam to film a little video talking about the contents of ‘Super Mega Card Miracles’, so you’d know what to expect. But we didn’t want to just film a NORMAL video. Oh no, we had a little idea to make it more fun. We had a challenge for Cameron… and you need to watch this video to see what it was. Believe me - this is a video clip that is worth watching. (I certainly will not forget that little experience in a hurry - HA!)

Want to know what caused ALL OF US to nearly throw up? Click here:

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Cameron Francis on the bigblindmedia shoot 1

Cameron Francis on the bigblindmedia shoot 2

Cameron Francis on the bigblindmedia shoot 3


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Rob Jacks - August 7, 2019

I grew up on Surstromming. I’m bald now.

Gary L Segadi - August 7, 2019

Leave it up to you guys to deliver a stinker review. This is way too funny.

Ed Hagins - August 7, 2019

All I could think of was the science class rotten egg smell experiment . Bad smells can’t be smelled after a few minutes. Why didn’t the smell go away this time?

[To keep your nervous system from exhausting itself with continuous stimuli, the receptors experience temporary sensory fatigue, or olfactory adaptation. Odor receptors stop sending messages to the brain about a lingering odor after a few minutes and instead focus on novel smells.]

Jeffrey Warren Park - August 7, 2019

You should take it one step further! Include a can of the “stuff”, with every order. And, offer a challenge to every customer. If they can record uncut, unedited footage of them surviving watching Camerons’ entire instructional video while being in close proximity to the open can of the “stuff”, then they will win a prize for their fortitude! The more, and longer they can resist, the better the prize! The prize would, of course, be at your discretion. (Bwahahahaha…)

john mollison - August 7, 2019

Thank you for a most entertaining video, I will preorder this as I have never been disappointed with anything Cameron has released.
best regards to you and Rachel and of course to Cameron
John Mollison

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