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The TOP 10 Single Trick Video Downloads of 2019!

The TOP 10 Single Trick Video Downloads of 2019!

2019 was a big year for killer magic downloads. For the first time in our history we had more sales for downloads than DVDs! So we thought you might like to see what was mega popular over the last 12 months in case you missed any of these gems. So, without further ado, here is the Top 10 list of best sellers in the 'single trick' category!
Let's dooooooooooooo it...
#1 - THE SURPRISEUsing a borrowed and freely shuffled deck, this is the most impossible Card At Any Number we've ever seen. Describing it in ad copy just doesn't do it justice, so we're not even going to try. Seriously, go watch the trailer.
#2 - BANDED SANDWICH - A pair of rubber banded Jokers sandwich a selection in a super clean manner. Learn how to make Iain Moran's brilliant gimmick & get crackin'!
#3 - LAZY PENETRATION - One of the BEST rubber band tricks we have ever seen. This visual penetration shows a pen popping through two layers of the rubber band. Looks like The Matrix (for real!).
#4 - DON'T FEAR THE FARO - The FARO SHUFFLE is a brilliant, brilliant move, and James Went's clear, easy to follow instructions will get you
#5 - GOOD INTUITION - Wanna perform Dani DaOrtiz's Triple Intuition but executed with a regular, borrowed, and shuffled deck. Well - that's Good Intuition! It's also utterly impossible to back track.
#6 - CAREY'S FOUR PACK - Four easy to do, but powerful card routines from Carey at a GREAT price. “John Carey has a knack for creating strong, direct card miracles using simple and devious methods." John Guastaferro
#7 - LOADED - A fantastic Ace Production dressed up like a packet trick! Just five normal playing cards and some simple moves and you'll have a miracle on your hands. :)
#8 - BLOOD HOUND - 100% Self Working... 100% Impromptu... Works with ANY deck (borrowed, shuffled & even missing some cards!). This one ticks all the boxes. What's not to love?
#9 - BREAKTHROUGH - Visually slam a coin through the bottom of a can. Immediately show the coin inside and hand everything out for examination. That's it. It's that simple! It can't look more real than this.
#10 - STRAIGHT TIME TRIUMPH - A killer triumph trick from Cameron Francis. Two selections... a mess of cards... and then a double whammy end that is impossible to see coming!
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