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One of my top five magic tricks of ALL TIME!

One of my top five magic tricks of ALL TIME!

One of the first magic tricks I ever learnt was Crazy Man's Handcuffs. If you don't know - it's a truly mind blowing routine which sees two rubber bands locked together and then visually penetrating each other. (Oo-er missus)!

When I first saw it performed I honestly stopped breathing for a second. Unlike so much magic, you could scrutinize the moment of magic RIGHT UP CLOSE. The friend who was showing me the trick did it 5 or 6 times. Normally a total no-no for magic. I mean, we all know the mantra - 'never repeat a trick'. Well, Crazy Man's Handcuffs stands up to repeat viewings... and is actually all the more powerful for the repetition?!?! Those rubber bands DO seem to be doing the impossible.

Soon after witnessing this trick I had purchased the famed Michael Ammar booklet and learnt to do it myself. I was gobsmacked to discover how easy it was. It didn't seem fair that you could get so much magic from so little effort. HA! Remember, this is one of the ONLY tricks that David Copperfield performed on his TV shows TWICE!!! IT. IS. THAT. GOOD!

I put Crazy Man's Handcuffs in a category with very few other magic tricks - if i had to pick only five tricks to ever perform again, it would 100% be one of my selections. (Along with the Invisible Deck, Red Hot Mama and two more that I will have to cogitate on a bit more... I'll get back to you about that).

If you don't do Crazy Man's Handcuffs I urge you to reconsider. It is so powerful. Uses totally organic props. It transcends language. It can even be performed if you are drunk (I can attest to that fact). And, crucially, it LOOKS LIKE REAL MAGIC!

If you want to take the trick to another level I'd highly recommend picking up the ULTRA CRAZY MAN'S HANDCUFFS instant download on the store. It teaches a lot of extra nuances and a KILLER final climax where your rubber band penetrates the spectators band ONE STRING AT A TIME! It really adds an extra level of awesomeness to the (already brilliant) routine.

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