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Big Blind Friday 2023 (First Half)

Big Blind Friday 2023 (First Half)

In this post you can find all 19 episodes that were released in our newsletter series "Big Blind Friday" in the first half of 2023. If you want to receive them in your mailbox each week, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, as we give away free stuff and unreleased material to our newsletter family.

Episode #16 : January 6th
Articles from around the world

1. NYTimes : Juan Tamariz Article
2. Teller without Pen (Article)
3. The Life of Howard Thurston
4. How LA's Magicians hone their tricks in private magic jams
5. Quote of the week

Episode #17 : January 27th
Decks, performances and more.

1. Magician Performs for Elon Musk
2. Criss Angel talks about growth (podcast)
3. Where Cards Fall PC Puzzle Game
4. The Berglas Effect (David Segal Article)
5. The Magicians Playing Cards

Episode #18 : February 3rd
Freebies, Blackpool, Articles and more.

1. 24 FREE Books !
2. A Pickpocket's Tale - Apollo Robins
3. Video of The Month - Papier Mache
4. What happens after you become FISM World Champion
5. The Amazing Jonathan Documentary

Episode #19 : February 10th
Games, answers, performances and preparing for Blackpool.

1. On Instagram 
2. Tenyo x Nintendo Game
3. Pen Jillette Answers Magic Questions
4. Asi Wind's One Man Show Using Just a Deck
5. Quote of The Week

Episode 20 : February 24th
Coming back after Blackpool with newfound energy.

1. John Bannon Blackpool Bundle | Limited
2. Max Maven 1994 Game for CD-i
3. Ben Seidman reviews Sleight Of Hand from Movies
4. Take Two: Edward Marlo by Jamy Ian Swiss
5. Quote of the week

Episode #21 : March 10th
Games, a great twitter post and more articles.

1. Teller Board Game
2. Juan Tamariz Documentray
3. Blackpool Video Teaser
4. Take Two : Dai Vernon
5. Ken Carbone's Wonderlust

Episode #22 : March 24th
How to create, a vr game and more.

1. Jack Paton Interview
2. How to create new card tricks
3. Pen and Teller VR Game
4. I Like The Way I see - Richard Turner Documentary
5. Quote of the week

Episode #23 : March 31st
Learn more about magic and magicians.

1. Maurice Fogel
2. Julius Dean shows Messi a card trick
3. 10 Levels of Deception
4. Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle
5. Quote of the week

Episode #24 : April 7th
Get better, wiser and more in tune with yourself.

1. Achieving mastery is impossible - Rico Weeland
2. The female magician that started it all in Vegas
3. Magic tricks only fools monkeys with opposable thumbs
4. Unlock the secret power of your mind (podcast with Derren Brown)
5. Quote of the week

Episode #25 : April 14th
Laughs, love and magic.

1. How does a magician trick other magicians?
2. Magician hypnotist makes women orgasm
3. The Magician's Elephant | Netflix Movie
4. Magicians in Crime Fiction
5. Food Magic on Jimmy Fallon

Episode #26 : April 21st
We begin including a funny magic-themed comic strip!

1. 30 Magician Themed Movies
2. When Copperfield had to reveal his illusion
3. Tommy Cooper
4. David Blaine gets injured in new stunt
5. Comic Strip

Episode #27 : April 28th
Find out new things about old magicians. 

1. 10 Things you didn't know about Houdini
2. Do you know Black Herman?
3. RNB Artist Ginuwine faints during Criss Angel stunt
4. King Charles performs magic for the Magic Circle
5. Comic Strip

Episode #28 : May 5th
Special episode dedicated to The Daily Magician.

Episode #29 : May 12th
We interview and learn a trick from Cameron Francis!

1. Anthony Hopkins Performs Magic
2. Visual A.F. Magic Tricks Vol. 2 Kickstarter
3. Best of Wizard Wars
4. Teller consults on Mrs. Davis TV Show
5. The Daily Magician Offer
6. Comic Strip

Episode #30 : May 19th
We launch a magic academy only for you!

1. BBM's Top Secret Magic Academy
2. Cameron Francis Interview + Free Trick
3. Death Trick: Double Blind PC Game
4. The War Magician
5. What's been happening on our Instagram
6. Comic Strip

Episode #31 : May 26th
Comedy, comedy, comedy!

1. Did you join our Top Secret Magic Academy?
2. When Magic Tricks Take Too Long
3. 100 year old magic tricks (with explanations)
4. Carl-Einar Hackner
5. This magician's comedy is quite unique
6. Tom Dobrowolski Life and Magic
7. Comic Strip

Episode #32 : June 2nd
We interview and learn a trick from Tom Dobrowolski!

1. Creating Magic EP.4 : Tom Dobrowolski
2. Stanford Marshmallow Test (with Magic)
3. Try not to WOW (at a Magician)
4. Magic Duel: Jack Black vs Zach King
5. RIP Milt Larsen (founder of The Magic Castle)
6. Comic Strip

Episode #33 : June 9th
Learn from Steve Cohen, see Ant save the day and more.

1. A magician's secrets for becoming more commanding (podcast)
2. 100 Hours practicing the Second Deal
3. Gimmicks vs Sleight of Hand
4. Mike Tyson punches Criss Angel
5. Ant saves magic trick on live TV
6. Comic Strip

Episode #34 : June 16th
We interview and learn a trick from Schlutz!

1. Creating Magic EP. 5 : Ryan Schlutz
2. Man performs magic during war to survive
3. Learning magic at Auschwitz
4. Siegfried and Roy : What happened the night of the attack?
5. Secrets of Magic REVEALED (article)
6. Comic Strip


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