Xenomorph by Mark Elsdon



A brand new eBook explaining my Xenomorph effects.

Effect 1: The participant shuffles a deck and places it on the table. You remove two £5 notes from your wallet BEFORE anything else happens as you say you will bet £10 on the outcome. The participant can see that there are NO other £5 notes in your wallet (and nothing written on any of the £10s or £20s in there). The participant turns over the top card of the deck - it's the Jack of Spades. You turn over the two fivers - one has 'Jack' written on it and the other one has 'Spades'.

No switch of the card or the notes. The deck can be fully examined (no dupes or gimmicks) AND most importantly, you are using your regular wallet, not a gaffed one. Yes, you read that right - a regular wallet.

Effect 2: Pretty much the same effect as above, but with NO deck involved, just a thought of card! Yes, you read that right - no deck required. Just some bank notes and your regular wallet. The participant randomly names a card and it's written on the back of the fivers.

Effect 3: Probably my favourite - the same effect as #1 but using a Monopoly token as a counter to choose the card and Monopoly money that you can give away as the prediction. And a powerful presentation that beautifully ties everything together.

PLUS: multiple handling and presentation options for all three effects. And yes, ALL the effects will work with ANY currency. Pounds, Dollars, Euros, Bank of Monopoly, all work great :-)

These are killer effects that you can do with your own REGULAR WALLET, and ZERO SLEIGHT-OF-HAND.