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Nothing But The Truth - Cameron Francis

6 reviews

A killer, self-working packet trick - Comes with five specially printed Bicycle Cards & Video Download instructions!

A card is selected by a spectator and hidden away. The magician (thats you) then reaches into their pocket and retrieves a state of the art Lie Detector machine. (Ok, its actually a small packet of beautifully printed cards that you carry round in your wallet or purse).

A series of questions are asked of the spectator. Is your card red or black? Is it a spot card or a court card? - That kind of thing. The spectator can choose to honourably tell the truth or fib like an incorrigible scoundrel.

Each answer is input into the lie detector (by placing one card from the top of the packet to the bottom for each letter of the random response), and the new top card is flipped face up. Incredibly this reveals either the word TRUTH or LIE (depending on whether the spectator was honest or not)!

Through this process the magician is able to correctly determine the value of the card picked by the spectator.

But that isnt the end of the trick. No siree bob! In a mind blowing display of magic awesomeness you now flip the lie detector packet over and show that ALL of the cards are infact duplicates of the spectators chosen card!!

Funny, commercial, engaging and insane FUN, Nothing But The Truth is the perfect packet trick. It slips into your pocket, but plays HUGE! It is self working (with some more advanced handling options offered on the download) and leaves a lasting impression on audiences of all sizes!

"Incredibly awesome effect that I highly recommend you purchase." 4.5/5, Jeff Stone, Magic

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Just great fun...honestly.

So easy to do and such great fun. Hardest bit is telling a story, then just enjoy.

Paul O.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Nothing But The Truth - Cameron Francis

Love his trick. Cameron is a great magician. Easy to do and a kicker finish. In my case I had to adapt it to Spanish, but it deserves the work. Fully recommended

Anxel S.
Spain Spain

One of my all time favourite packet tricks

The fact that this trick is basically self-working (courtesy of the Olram Subtlety) gives it immediate appeal, because it puts it within the reach of practically anyone, including amateurs performing for friends and family. The main premise is a good one, and the concept of a lie detector time-tested favourite in card magic. But it's the final kicker that especially has the potential to surprise and amaze. As for the instructions: my copy came with a physical DVD, consisting of a little over 15 minutes of footage all up (plus some extras like an interview). These also include some advanced handlings (think: Elmsley) for those looking for more. But the heart of strong magic is that it needs to be entertaining, and being able to interact with your spectators with a lie detector test is a time-tested plot that is a proven success, and that's really what this about, along with the unexpected final revelation.

Australia Australia

Great effect, no displacement required!

Great packet trick, and no need for a displacement at the end, sent Cameron Francis my idea, he's replied, he really likes it, sent Liam Montier the idea too, yet to receive a reply..... That aside, its a great trick for you to carry around, and you can have lots of fun with this pocket miracle!

Pete W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Nice Packet Trick

I love this type of packet trick with some interplay with the audience. The Lie Detector is an interesting and fun way to cheat. Also like the alternative to the dreaded Emsley Count!

Mr. Colin Bennett
United Kingdom United Kingdom