iRevolve Colour Change Card Gimmick

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iRevolve is a n awesome new 'colour change' card gimmick. We saw Kris demming it at Blackpool and fell in love. It's super visual magic that uses a James Bond-esque gaff. Plus it makes us laugh every time you do the 'change' by flicking the card in the air. 

The hand crafted, custom designed gimmick affords you the ability to visually change the face of a bicycle playing card whilst throwing it into the air, onto the table or even onto a spectator’s hand.

For those who may wish to keep the change hidden until the conclusion of the effect, we have you covered.  Since both sides of the card can be  a shown both before and after the change you can easily have the prediction card covered with the spectator’s hand, foot or even a drinking glass and at a time of your choosing you can reveal that the card has changed completely.

This incredible gimmick opens a whole new world of possibilities including transpositions, amnesia effects, double prediction reveals and more!

Available in TWO versions (select form the drop down menu)

Face Change Red – Face changes, the face of the card changes with a RED back

Face Change Blue –  Face changes, the face of the card changes with a BLUE back