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Some Practise

  • 10 Below Zero - Andrew Normansell
    £19.99 £21.99

    10 Below Zero - Andrew Normansell

    A stunning collection of ice cool miracles from Andrew Normansell (Magic Consultant on smash hit BBC drama 'Life On Mars') Tequila Sunrise - The F...

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  • 4 x 4 - Dave Forrest

    4 x 4 - Dave Forrest

    Have you ever needed four of a kind? In the midst of rubber gloves, blowing bubbles, cross dressing, male pregnancy and erotic pictograms, Dave Fo...

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  • £3.53

    A Mystery and A Sandwich by John Carey - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - John Carey unleashes a beautiful, three phase slab of impossibility. It's easy to do, packs a considerable wallop...

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  • £15.30

    Alpha2Omega Packet Trick by Stephen Tucker

    "I do not really know how to explain to you all how amazing this trick is. It's my favorite packet trick that doesn’t use crazy gaffed cards and ...

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  • Download a FREE Anniversary Waltz Tutorial

    Anniversary Waltz - Free Video Download

    Doc Eason calls Anniversary Waltz "the strongest card trick known to man." This modern day classic has an emotional connection. The effect it creat...

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  • £4.32

    Assemble by Liam Montier - Exclusive Download

    "For just $5.99, this latest by Liam should find it's way into your set. If you are at someone's house, you can even use their cards. Recommended!...

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  • At The Table Live Lecture - June 2016 - CAMERON FRANCIS AND DANNY ARCHER! -

    At The Table Live Lecture - June 2016 - CAMERON FRANCIS AND DANNY ARCHER!

    As a close up magician, Cameron is well known for his off-beat, quirky style of magic. He has performed all over the country including the Close Up...

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  • At The Table Live Lectures March 2018 - Alan Morrison and Chris Wood -

    At The Table Live Lectures March 2018 - Alan Morrison and Chris Wood

    Pull up a seat and be amazed as we welcome 2 of the UK's finest magicians to At The Table! Alan Rorrison has a reputation for creating strong, hard...

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  • £7.46

    Attract by Biz - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - 'Attract' is Biz's take on Larry Jenning’s ‘The Searchers’ plot (latterly popularised by Aaron Fisher's ‘Search a...

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  • Boris Wild Marked Deck Project - 2 DVD Set
    £14.99 £24.99

    Boris Wild Marked Deck Project - 2 Vol Set

    "The definitive work on the marked deck. This is a reputation maker!" Jim Canaday, The Magic Portal "Whether you use the Wild Marking System or ano...

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  • Boris Wild Sensations - 2 DVD Set

    Boris Wild Sensations - 2 Vol Set

    Learn the secrets of the brilliant French magician that FOOLED Penn & Teller!!! "If you are at all serious about card magic, this needs to be o...

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  • C.T.C by Daniel Bryan Instant Download

    C.T.C by Daniel Bryan

    Imagine having a card selected and a corner torn and then you are able to take the piece and melt it through the back your clear solid plastic phon...

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  • £0.00

    Cagey by Cameron Francis - Free Video Download

    FREE DOWNLOAD TASTER - GET IT NOW ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! CAGEY is taken from THE OMEGA MUTATION - an incredible 3 volume set of real world effects from...

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  • Sold out

    Careys Way by John Carey - Hardback Book

    The incredible new hardbacked book from John Carey is a 186 page collection of amazing, doable miracles covering cards, coins, mentalism and mental...

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  • Chameleon Pieces by Woody Aragon - Download

    Chameleon Pieces by Woody Aragon - Download

    Check out this brand new and amazing download from the one and only Woody Aragon - the best thing to come from Spain since the idea of sleeping in ...

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  • £7.46

    Cheng’s Change by Cheng Lin - Video Download

    If you have been around magic for a while you'll almost certainly have seen the Zapped / Fan2C effect. A lousy poker hand is spread and shown, an...

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  • Cheque This eBook -

    Cheque This eBook

    INSTANT DOWNLOAD - An incredible mini-act that fits in your pocket. Four phases of knock-out magic that you can do anytime, anywhere!Phase 1 - A fi...

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  • Cherry Cola Queen Ebook by Liam Montier

    Cherry Cola Queen Ebook by Liam Montier

    An exclusive collection of magic with the most unusual items. 17 effects in total, ranging from card material to magic with party poppers and even ...

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  • £23.15

    Collection of Weapons by Dani DaOrtiz - 3 Volume Video Download

    "Simply super strong magic" Juan Tamariz"Dani is everything I love about magic." David BlaineDani DaOrtiz is one of the most recognized and sought...

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  • £4.32

    Colour Heckler by Toby Hudson - Video Download

    "There are no knucklebusting sleights involved. These routines are able to be done by each and every one of you without hours of practice. And the...

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  • Connected - Peter Harrison

    Connected - Peter Harrison

    Imagine:The magician asks YOU to select a card.YOU rip it into four equal pieces.YOU give three back and keep one yourself.After a squeeze.....The ...

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  • Conscious Magic Episode 1 Download

    Conscious Magic Episode 1 - Video Download

    *** THIS IS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD VIDEO *** Mentalism at its finest! If you enjoy performing and creating the illusion of reading your spectator's m...

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  • £11.38

    Don't Fear The Faro with James Went - Learn The Faro Shuffle

    "Went’s instruction is really excellent. He covers everything you need to know to get started. The production value of the class is also up to par...

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  • £22.49 £29.99

    Ed Marlo - It's All In The Cards - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD VIDEO - The definitive inside story of magic's most prolific and creative card genius - Ed Marlo. An incredible three hou...

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