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GENRE_Money Magic

  • £4.99

    Anytime Coin Prediction by Liam Montier - Video Download

    8 reviews

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - 'Anytime Coin Prediction' is a real worker.  With just a handful of coins, a marker pen and some business cards, ...

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  • £4.91

    Sheep & Thieves - A Self Working Coin Trick - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Sheep & Thieves is a CLASSIC transposition magic trick. But it is also that rarest of commodities - a self wo...

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  • £19.99

    Klipto by Liam Montier - A 3 Coin Divination

    TRICK OF THE WEEK on Craig Petty's Magic TV - 100% from Ryland and 90% from Craig!!!   GET A FREE BONUS DOWNLOAD TODAY. PICK FROM ANYTIME COIN PR...

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  • £4.91

    The Himber Coin Vanish - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Let's learn an alternative to the French Drop! And, it's a GOODIE!!! The Himber Vanish, while a little more 'knac...

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  • Sold out

    Fortune by Liam Montier

    You introduce 6 gorgeous 'fortune' envelopes, red and gold, and explain that they all contain fortunes, along the lines of fortune cookies.  You e...

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  • £14.99

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner by Liam Montier

    WWCD is the brand new, self-working piece of mental magic from Liam Montier. A packet of gorgeous cards are shown, with 'WINNER' on the back, and ...

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