The Rama Deck - Original


The RaMa Deck by Owen Packard (includes hand made Red Bicycle Gaff Deck, DVD & MARKING SYSTEM!!!)

*** PLEASE NOTE - this is a LIMITED re-release of the bestselling Rama Deck from 2006. The DVD will play on any computer system, but will not work on NTSC TV's! ***

When was the last time you bought a gimmicked deck that you could use for more than one trick? Well, here's a deck you can use for your ENTIRE SHOW. What's more, that show will seriously kick arse. The possibilities are truly endless. This has been called the greatest utility deck since the Invisible.

Imagine this:

*You leave the room as your victim shuffles and cuts the cards before taking one and putting it in his pocket. You return and immediately without even touching the deck know which card he has chosen. This is like REAL magic!

*You hand your spectator two decks and turn away from him. He puts one deck in his pocket and shuffles the other. He takes a card from the mixed deck and hides it in his pants (the sicko). You turn back and ask him to hand you the deck he dropped in his pocket BEFORE he shuffled the second deck. You spread it to show one face down card. Its the same card as he currently has in his pants!!!

*You write a prediction of 2 cards on your business card. Your volunteer pushes the card into the middle of the deck. The cards it is touching are taken out and, of course, match the prediction.

*The cards are shuffled. You run through them for ten seconds and can then appear to have memorised the order of the entire deck. A guy cuts the pack and turns over the top card and you can tell him which card comes next. And the one under that. And the one under that. You get the idea.

Notice the variety of effect possible? Sound good so far? There's more...

The cards can be examined on both sides.
They can be shuffled and cut by you or the spectator.
You never have to see their card even the back to know what it is.
No knucklebusting moves required. A beginner magi can operate the RaMa and perform amazing tricks!
It can be used as a normal deck no more switching.
The possibilities are endless. This has been called the greatest utility deck since the Invisible.

You get the special deck, precision made in red or blue bicycle.

An instructional DVD teaching you -
How the deck works
Four killer effects
Handling techniques & principles
A marking system that you can employ and use on other decks!