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GENRE_Gaff Cards

  • Download a FREE Anniversary Waltz Tutorial

    Anniversary Waltz - Free Video Download

    Doc Eason calls Anniversary Waltz "the strongest card trick known to man." This modern day classic has an emotional connection. The effect it creat...

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  • Boris Wild Marked Deck Project - 2 DVD Set
    £14.99 £24.99

    Boris Wild Marked Deck Project - 2 Vol Set

    "The definitive work on the marked deck. This is a reputation maker!" Jim Canaday, The Magic Portal "Whether you use the Wild Marking System or ano...

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  • The MRD Deck (inc gimmicked Deck)

    The MRD Deck - Download & Gaff Deck

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD & GAFF DECK - COMES IN RED or BLUE BICYCLE STOCK! "The traditional sleight of hand approach has put the multiple reve...

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  • £4.99

    Broadside Glimpse by Jack Tighe - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Jack Tighe's Broadside Glimpse is a LIGHTNING fast peek that happens right under the spectator's nose! It's real...

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  • £11.51

    Master The Stripper Deck - Video Download or Bundle

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD & GAFF DECK - This huge download will show you just how much is possible with this gaff deck. Nearly 2 hours of mater...

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  • £4.37

    Tales Of The Tarot - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - A brilliant, totally self working trick that creates an utterly impossible coincidence. Featured here using Taro...

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  • £19.45

    The Mene Tekel Deck Project - Video Download & Deck

    Comes with Bicycle brand Mene Tekel Deck (in Red or Blue) and one hour video download! "Even in the hands of an amateur magician, miracles will b...

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  • Sold out
    £49.97 £75.00

    John Bannon Mega Exclusive VIP Bundle


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  • Dupes - Gary Jones / Chris Congreave

    Dupes - Gary Jones / Chris Congreave

    Gary Jones and Chris Congreave have a sterling reputation as WORKING magicians. The material they create and perform is the sort of stuff you WILL...

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  • Casanova Concept - Steve Haynes

    Casanova Concept - Steve Haynes

    Steve Haynes has tweaked and developed this closely guarded secret for 17 YEARS! Now, it can be yours! The 'Casanova Concept' is an easy to apply p...

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  • Oddyliciou5 - The Mooloolaba Shuffle -

    Oddyliciou5 - The Mooloolaba Shuffle

    For every professional magician, economy is key.Taking that to the extreme, how about just having just one random odd backed card with a regular de...

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  • Hand-picked Astonishments (Invisible Deck) DVD DLOAD -

    Hand-picked Astonishments (Invisible Deck) DVD DLOAD

    INSTANT DOWNLOAD DVD - A Paul Harris Presents series of new twists on classic must-have magic secrets like the Invisible Deck, Thumb Tips, Card For...

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  • £19.45

    The Twister Continuum Card by Stephen Tucker - BICYCLE GIMMICK

    "The Twister Continuum legitimately opens a whole new world of creative applications to the old ‘Twisting the Aces’ that wouldn’t be possible wit...

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  • £7.54

    Memo by Liam Montier - Video Download & Deck

    "This is a great trick and it will open up your world to a new avenue of fooling." Straight Talk Magic Reviews "This is self working and easy as ...

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  • £9.13

    Aperture by Cameron Francis - Download & Gimmick

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD & SPECIAL BICYCLE GAFF CARD - The BBM exclusive download will be added to your library immediately, and your special ...

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  • £11.51

    Kane by Marc Lavelle - Video Download

    "That spanked me a little. I thought I knew what was happening right until the end and then you fooled me." Alan Rorrison"I love this. It's funny,...

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