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GENRE_Gaff Cards

  • £4.99

    Broadside Glimpse by Jack Tighe - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Jack Tighe's Broadside Glimpse is a LIGHTNING fast peek that happens right under the spectator's nose! It's real...

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  • £4.32

    Tales Of The Tarot - Video Download

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - A brilliant, totally self working trick that creates an utterly impossible coincidence. Featured here using Taro...

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  • £11.38

    Master The Stripper Deck - Video Download or Bundle

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD & GAFF DECK - This huge download will show you just how much is possible with this gaff deck. Nearly 2 hours of mater...

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  • £38.85 £100.00

    The BBM Christmas Stocking - Packet Tricks

    THE BBM PACKET TRICK CHRISTMAS STOCKING includes a huge bundle of goodies for the packet trick lover in your life!   What do you get?   A Christma...

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  • £19.23

    Angels and Demons - Out Of This World Deck

    Dead Rebel Magic is back with a new and dark take on the classic Out Of This World! Simon teaches you the classic 'Out of This World' card effect,...

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  • £7.46

    Hana Hou by Curtis Kam - Video Download

    Curtis Kam’s ‘Hana Hou’ is a beautiful moving hole effect where a highly visible hole in a playing card moves numerous times, pops off the card en...

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  • £33.36

    Dr Nevin’s Psychic Testing Cards - A Collector's Mentalism Set

    A collector's replica set of Dr P Nevins Psychic testing cards, in a beautiful case. They come complete in a decorative calling card metal case w...

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  • £9.03

    Aperture by Cameron Francis - Download & Gimmick

    A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD & SPECIAL BICYCLE GAFF CARD - The BBM exclusive download will be added to your library immediately, and your special ...

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