Wishbone by Paul Harris and Bro Gilbert

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An impossible souvenir with two wood coffee stirrers. They can even be signed!

Snap off two ends, put them in her hand.
The two initialed pieces impossibly melt into a single seamless "wishbone"...which she can keep forever and ever.

Be a Star at Starbucks...or wherever you hang out for coffee.

Very easy to do
Completely self-contained
No palming or switches
Perform surrounded
Refills available
"WishBone" souvenir is completely examinable: no seams, lines or glue marks...just a single smooth one-of-a-kind impossible object.


"Anytime you can use something organic in magic that is easily recognisable by the spectator's, and perform them under the right conditon making it seem impromptu then you have a true miracle. Add to that the fact it happens IN THEIR HANDS with something they just signed moments before then you have a killer effect" Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

"The trick is good for restaurants, walk around, and close-up. " Arnie Levin , Linking Ring Magazine

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