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Easy To Do

All of the magic that we stock that is EASY to perform. There will be some moves or routining, but it will be simple to do.
  • Superstition DVD (with special gimmick) -

    Superstition DVD (with special gimmick)

    Imagine offering your spectator the chance to select themselves a 'lucky card', which they do - say it is the Five Of Diamonds. You comment that wh...

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  • CTW - Card Thru Window (DVD + gimmicks)

    CTW - Card Thru Window (DVD + gimmicks)

    David Forrest's incredibly practical, incredibly clever CARD THRU WINDOW. Their selection vanishes... then it appears taped to a window... THEN YOU...

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    £18.99 £21.99

    UltraViolet DVD (with special gaffs)

    Includes UV Marker, UV Pen/Refill & Gaff Cards! THE UV KEYLIGHT IS A GIMMICK EVERY MAGICIAN SHOULD OWN! ultraviolet (adj. Abbr. UV) - Of or rel...

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  • Nothing But The Truth - Cameron Francis

    Nothing But The Truth - Cameron Francis

    5 reviews

    A killer, self-working packet trick - Comes with five specially printed Bicycle Cards & Video Download instructions! A card is selected by a s...

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  • Fractalicious - Packet Tricks DVD

    Fractalicious - Packet Tricks

    10 reviews

    FRACTALICIOUS - A collection of visually-stunning, examinable, simple to perform, cutting edge packet tricks. Includes 5 special USPCC printed ca...

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  • The Misdirection Effect (inc gimmicked Deck)
    Sold out

    The Misdirection Effect (inc gimmicked Deck)

    DVD COMES WITH SPECIAL DECK & GIMMICKS IN BICYCLE STOCK!Two signed selections appear in the most impossible of locations! Misdirection is a c...

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